Dental Benefits: Use It or Lose It

Dental Benefits: Use It or Lose It

If you don’t use your PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE DENTAL BENEFITS by 31 December 2022, you may lose them.

Our goal is to make sure you don’t miss out on getting an appointment, so we’re sending out this reminder now. We are noticing that our spots are filling up quickly in December, which is usually a difficult month to book appointments.

You can’t carry over unused extra benefits from one year to the next with most private health insurance plans. The dental treatments must be completed by the end of this year if you still have $500 of benefits left in 2022.

To book your next appointment, give us a call or submit a request online, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Confirm with your private health insurance provider whether you’re on a calendar year plan, and whether you have any remaining dental benefits. Remember most dental benefits do not carry over so it is better to use It rather than lose It!

Additionally, your children may be eligible for dental care under the Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS). Make sure your children receive the maximum benefit from this valuable dental offering by scheduling their appointment as soon as possible.

Dental Benefits: Reasons to Use Them!

1. This is the maximum amount that will be covered by your dental insurance plan in a given year. In the event that you have unused benefits at the end of the year, they will not be carried over to the following year. You will lose them as soon as the year ends.

2. Deductibles are the amounts you must pay to your dentist before your insurance will cover any services. In 2023, you’ll have to meet that deductible again.

3. The benefits of your dental insurance should also be used if you are paying monthly premiums for it. Regular cleanings and exams are covered 100 percent even if you have healthy teeth and don’t need treatment.

4. The possibility of fee increases is another reason to take advantage of your dental benefits before the year ends. It is common for these increases to occur at the beginning of every year.

5. Delaying dental treatment now can lead to more extensive and costly treatment in the future. A simple cavity can become a root canal problem later on and even result in tooth loss.

Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Now!

Make an appointment if you have any unused benefits so you can make the most of your coverage. It’s a “use it or lose it” situation since insurance plans are usually based on the calendar year. The current benefits will expire at midnight on December 31. It can be challenging to fit everything in during the holiday season. It’s a great opportunity to prioritize your dental health.

Looking forward to seeing you at the surgery soon.

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