Emergency Dental Examination

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An emergency dental examination focuses on the problem area and may also include digital x-rays of the specific area of the mouth. The goal is to address an acute issue, and to diagnose and recommend treatment to alleviate pain, swelling, or possible infection.

Emergency Dental Examination

A Severe Toothache or Bleeding

You may experience sharp pain, throbbing pain, or a constant toothache. Some people experience pain only when they apply pressure to their teeth.

There are many causes of toothaches, but tooth decay is the most common. A toothache may not be present in the early stages of decay. Infections of the tooth, impacted teeth, and problems with the nerves in the center of the tooth can also cause a toothache.

It is possible for gum bleeding to be caused by gingivitis or periodontitis in some cases.

Emergency Dental Examination

Broken Tooth

Trauma to the mouth, which may dislodge or fracture teeth, requires immediate emergency treatment. Usually, cracked teeth result from accidents or biting on hard food. You need to take action as soon as possible in order to save the tooth, so make an appointment with our emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Lost Dental Filling or Crown

A filling or a crown may loosen and fall out at times. As a result, open tooth tissue can cause discomfort and be sensitive to pressure. Contact us if your filling falls out or disintegrates.

Object Stuck in Teeth

We can help if you have an object stuck between your teeth that won't budge. Avoid using any instruments to remove them yourself, as it may result in further damage.

Tooth Infection

Our emergency dentists are trained to diagnose and treat infections as quickly as possible. Keeping you comfortable, healthy, and pain-free is our goal.

Keeping your mouth healthy and removing infections are our top priorities.

Call us at (03) 9878 3233 

How can an emergency dentist help you?

You may only need a thorough dental examination to resolve your dental emergency. In some cases, however, you may need a more extensive procedure, such as a root canal, filling a broken tooth, or draining an abscess.

 It is possible to identify the source of pain with the help of your emergency dentist. It is usually performed when you have a dental problem, such as a toothache, dental abscess, or oral pain.

As part of this examination, we will look for any signs of infection or tooth damage in your mouth. Furthermore, we assess the severity of your dental emergency and determine the best course of action. An early cavity can become a deep cavity requiring root canal therapy. Another possibility is gum disease. Receding gums can expose the roots and expose the tooth. Intense pain can result from this, and urgent treatment is required.

In contrast to scheduling appointments far in advance, our dental office will be able to provide the necessary treatment right away based on your situation.

Emergency Dental Examination
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